Process Communication Model in the UK

What is PCM?

Based upon an award-winning theory and developed for use by NASA in astronaut selection and team building with its roots in TA, Process Communication is a simple model based on observations and interactions. To achieve maximum effect, people can be taught how to apply PCM principles quickly and effectively, in both spoken and written communications.

Process Communication professionals do not label people. Rather than speaking about 'types of people' we discuss the 'types in people'. We show that there are six basic personality types and we all have some of each type within us. The skill is to know how to use these different types to become flexible in your style of communication and management. In effect, each base personality type has a unique language and if we want people to listen, we must speak their language.


"Process Communication was the missing link in our staff development program."


Tool kit to manage communication

PCM differs from other models in that it accurately predicts behaviour and provides solutions for managing distress, motivation and effective communication. The PCM profile has been rigorously researched and validated with the peer-reviewed research provide on request. Through PCM, you will be able to tailor your communication to match the style of the person you wish to communicate with. In this way, your message is much more likely to be heard loud and clear.

The team at Connect and Motivate can help you understand how people communicate and what perception they use while interacting. In addition to running in house seminars, train-the-trainer programmes are run. Connect and Motivate uses a network of certified trainers who conduct seminars for businesses throughout the UK and can resource qualified people to deliver PCM training for your organisation. PCM is now embedded in one NHS trust who use it as part of their Human Factors training focussing on self-awareness, a key skill for all healthcare professionals.

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